Bespoke Services: Dredging and Marine Consultants

As highly experienced marine consultants, Australian clients employ us for a diverse range of bespoke services which include:

  • Feasibility advice during initial project planning
  • Reviews of geotechnical data and advice on the need and selection of further investigations & laboratory testing
  • Geotechnical modelling
  • Calculations on soil mechanics
  • Preferred methodology for the execution of projects
  • Planning of contract execution and staging of projects
  • Detailed production calculations
  • Budget estimates
  • Advice on the suitability of various forms of Contract and Contract Strategy
  • Peer Review of reports prepared by marine consultants and authorities
  • Support in the preparation of Tender and Contract Documentation
  • Review and assessment of Tenders
  • Support in contract finalisation
  • Environmental Compliance Plans
  • Review of project progress and on-going advice on project execution
  • Advice on contractual issues arising during contract execution
  • Expert advice on contractual claims and support during dispute resolution